About Us


"One Future at a Time"

Not simply a fitting company motto, the sentiment reflects the commitment to individualized service from the extended family that is JD Consulting Group (JDCG).

With the specialized needs of elite athletes as its primary focus, JD Consulting Group (JDCG) features an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for every client.

Recognizing that the unique demands and rewards of professional athletics can create unusual circumstances for our clients and their families, JDCG specialized in one-on-one service from specialists from a wide variety of fields who are committed to seeing our clients’ needs met, goals reached, and hopes realized.

Offering not a quick fix, but substantial assistance in incorporating a lifelong philosophy of learning and personal development, JDCG’s services prove vital in best preparing atheletes for career transitioning after their careers on the field of competition have come to a close.

In the realm of education, JDCG specializes in degree completion and founder, Janice Henry, is one of the nation’s leading articulation/transfer credit evaluators. The JDCG team has over 50 years of higher education, public relations, career counseling, media services, psychological services, and law and mediation experience, collectively. JDCG has been successful in navigating athletes through an academic process that has often been described as an exact science.

For the professional athlete, JDCG offers a customized educational plan for each individual. These plans are designed as academic game plans, beginning with preparation and organization. We will undertake a comprehensive pre-evaluation to assess the academic needs of each client. Once you become a JDCG client, an individually structured academic plan of action is designed specifically for you to satisfy your academic objective.