Daylon McCutcheon

Assistant Defensive Back Coach - New York Jets, Former NFL Player

"JD Consulting Group has been key in helping me achieve my academic goals and making my dream of one day bringing home a college degree a reality. JD Consulting Group is dedicated in guiding students to achieve their full potential."
henry bibby

Former NBA Player & Coach

"Working with JD Consulting was such a wonderful experience.JD Consultant was very professional and knowledgeable. They have done a wonderful job and am happy to have worked with them."
hue Jackson

Offensive Coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals, Former NFL Head Coach for Oakland Raiders

"JD Consulting Group is very personable. They can make the complex very simple. They are able to lead people...because they are able to serve the people that they lead."
John Robinson

NFL Head Coach, College Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Football Analyst & Motivational Speaker

"For the professional athlete planning for his future, Janice Henry can be very important. Janice has unbelievable skills and ability to help people in academics. Work with Janice and you will get a degree."
Keyshawn Johnson

ESPN Analyst, Former NFL Player

"JD Consulting Group is one-of-a-kind in their field. No one can play a bigger part in the academic success of their clients. With JDCG, achieving academic goals are a priority."
Leon Lett

Assistant Defensive Line Coach - Dallas Cowboys, Former NFL Player

"JD Consulting Group took the time to get to know me and provided personalized academic and career counseling based on my future career goals. I am thankful for the time and effort that was invested in me and I appreciate the great service."
Randall Cunningham

Former NFL Player

"I had always considered the prospect that my children one day would ask me if I had graduated from college, and now, because of JD Consulting Group I've accomplished this goal. I'm glad that they were persistent and helped me achieved my goal."
Stephen Davis

Former NFL Player

"I have been able to go back to school to finish my education. With the help of JD Consulting Group and supervision, I am getting the opportunity to get my degree and making the most of it."
Willie McGinest

Football Analyst - NFL Network, Former NFL Player

"JD Consulting Group has been instrumental academically as well as positive in life skills with the professional athlete. JDCG is definitely hands-on and cares about their clients. The team always extends to the fullest."